Best Rhododendron Treks

The onset of Spring brings a beautiful cheer in Himalayan region . And the cheer is justified with the refreshing whether at this time of the year and the blooming of the alluring Rhododendrons. Rhododendrons in Uttrakhand are mostly found in Elevation from 1800 – 4000 MBSL.

During this Early Summer , for a short time between March and April , the forest trails of the Himalayas are ablaze with rhododendrons. These alluring pink, red and white flowers stretch for miles and miles. It’s a pure delight for any trekker. Here are the top three rhododendron treks that we recommend in early summer.


Deoriatal – Chandrashila

This is  the best  Rhododendorn trek of Uttrakhand. It starts off in a beautifully laid out trail within rhododendron forests. The Deoriatal Lake is surrounded by trees that stand out in shades of crimson, magenta and bright pink.  During the summer months, when the rain clouds drizzle and the sun shines bright, the slopes of Chopta are ablaze with many tyes of blooming rhododendrons. With the flowering season at its peak, you’ll find the flora and fauna of this region absolutely gorgeous.

The trek also takes you to viewpoints from where you can see the peak of Chaukhamba , Bandarpuch  and many more.


Bagji Bugyal

Bagji Bugyal trek during the spring season when the entire rhododendron forest will be in full bloom covering the whole mountainside. During March and April, the rhododendron blossoms turn the trek into a riot of pink and white flowers.

This is a low altitude trek but with spectacular sceneries and beauty of the high Himalayas. The trek is basically accomplished from the terraced  fields passing along picturesque Ghes village and towards the immense forest of rhododendron where in spring bursts with many different hues. The trekking trail is filled up with great many Himalayan panorama of mountains like Mt. Trishul , Mt Nanda Ghunti, Mt Maiktoli, Mt Mrigthuni, Mt Nanda Kot, Panchachuli  peaks and many others. Bagji Rhododendron Trek is fairly an easy trek and witnessing the natural beauty of Uttrakhand coupled up with witnessing local culture and traditions.



Brahmatal is one of the few treks in India that is blessed with  Rhododendron forests. After mid March , when winter bids goodbye, fresh leaves begin to sprout on trees. Flowers begin to bloom. The landscape is a riot of colours.

On the Brahmatal trail, scarlet rhododendrons bloom in the lower sections and pink ones take over the upper sections. You could be walking on a one kilometre stretch under a hue of red and suddenly, you’ll find yourself under a shade of pink. These flowers make trekking thoroughly

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