Essentials for Himalayan Trek

If packing for a Himalayan trek then essentials that you must have.

 1) Water Proof Shoes

Shoes and boots specifically designed for hiking ensure that the sole has better grip on the ground and prevents you from slipping. Do yourself a favour and don’t go for cheap alternatives here.

2) Water Proof Jacket and Pants

A good soft shell jacket is your first line of defence in keeping out the nasty moisture that can easily build up and not dry during winter months. It doesn’t break the bank and works as a wind cheater as well. Pants are just as important as waterproof jackets, if not more. You want something that keeps out the water, but is also breathable at the same time.

3) Sleeping Bag

When it comes to sleeping bags, the sheer number of varieties available will have you in a fix. Two things you want to make sure while picking your sleeping bag – it should be meant for the temperature range you’ll experience during your trek and it should correspond with your height.

4) Portable Water Bottles (Thermal)

If you’re going on a trek or hike that lasts more than a couple of hours, you’ll need these two to keep yourself hydrated throughout. Nowadays, bottles with built-in purifiers are available and work really well.

5) Backpack – Daypack

A good daypack or a backpack always helps you keep your things well organized on any hike or a trek. There is a wide variety of backpacks available.  A good backpack or daypack must protect your gear or items from at least light rain/snow and also provide easy access or organization of your items.

6) Torch Light – Head Lamp

In case it gets late or dark while coming back from the day’s hike, a torchlight or flashlight can prove to be a lifesaver.

7) Munching Items -Energy Bars , Chocolates and Dry Fruits

When you are hiking or trekking, you lose energy much faster than you anticipate. Munching few things every now and then will keep your energy level optimum. Always carry a mix of items such as a pack of trail mix, some dry fruits or nuts, few chocolates like Snickers or you can carry some energy bars too.

8) Trek Route or Map 

You should always keep a hard copy of the map of your trekking trail or route. We know cell phones have GPS but many times you will find yourself a spot where these phones do not work or run out of battery. This especially true for the long-running hikes or treks. A dedicated GPS device with trail map loaded will still be worthy when it comes to gadgets but a hard copy may always prove to be contingency plan just in case you run out of luck.

9) Sun Glass , Sun scream , Lip balms

You must protect yourself from UV rays and direct sunlight, especially while traveling or trekking/hiking in places in Ladakh or Spiti Valley where the intensity of sun rays are far more impacting than normal cities.

10)  Medical Kit or First-aid Kit

Last but not the least, you must carry basic medical kit with creams for burns, bruises, antiseptic lotions, bandages, bandaids etc.. You never know when small medical first-aid kits may help you or a fellow hiker or trekker with minors health issues including burns, cuts or bruises…

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