Popular Meadows (Bugyals) of Uttrakhand

What are Bugyals?

Bugyals are alpine pasture lands or meadows in higher elevation range between 3,000 metres (10,842 ft) and 4,000 metres (13,100 ft) of the Himalayas in the Indian state of Uttrakhand. The topography of the terrain is either flat or sloped. The surface of these bugyals is covered with natural green grass and seasonal flowers. They are used by tribal herdsmen to graze their cattle. During the winter season the alpine meadows remain snow-covered. During summer months, the Bugyals present a riot of beautiful flowers and grass.

Here the best few Bugyals of Uttrakhand:

Bedni Bugyal

Bedni Bugyal boasts being one of the most scenic places to visit in Uttarakhand. Situated at an elevation of about 3354 above the sea level, the meadows are located in the Chamoli District of Garhwal Region. Popular amongst the trekkers who stop here to camp on its velvety grass, Bedni looks nothing short of a slice of heaven. Strategically located en route the famed Roopkund trek, these scenic meadows perfectly represent the unspoiled and pristine beauty of Uttarakhand. There is a coniferous forest on the slopes and the small lake named Vaitarani (Bedini Kund), situated amidst the meadows that eventually add to the prettiness of the place.

Apart from its landscape’s beauty, Bedni Bugyal has great religious importance as its Bedini Kund is the stopover for the famed pilgrimage of Nanda Devi Raj Jaat Yatra that is held once in every 12 years. Near the Kund blossoms the famed lotus known as Brahma Kamal that finds its mention in the Hindu Scripture as the Lotus that is in the hands of Brahma (the Creator of the Universe). Further enhancing the spiritual charm are westward located Nanda Ghunti and Trishul mountains and small temple

Dyara Bugyal

Amongst all the Bugyals in Uttarakhand, Dayara Bugyal is considered to be the best  on the Himalayas. This Bugyal trek brings us to a highland meadow situated in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand  at an elevation of 10,000-12,500ft. Dayara an alpine meadow, locally called “Bugyal” is surrounded by dense alpine forest, elevated and spread above 11000 ft. .  In the summer and monsoon the stretch of the lush meadow is dotted with myriads of tiny flowers. During winters the meadow is covered with fresh snow. The crest of the Bugyal is a top called Bakriya top offering a magnificent 360° panoramic view. In addition of Gangotri region peaks, you can also see the of mighty Himalayan peaks of Bhilangana range. Some of the notable are Bandarpoonch, Jaonli, Rudragaira, Srikanth, Gangotri– I, II and many more.

The trek starts from the tiny hamlet of Barsu nestled on the Haridwar-Gangotri road which is 32 km from Uttarkashi. The route of the Dayara Bugyal Trek trails through gorgeous Oak forests, clear water bodies and sprawling grasslands while offering views of specks of huts, grazing sheep all while overlooking the valley and high-rise mountains.

Gidara Bugyal

Gidara is about 15 km away from Dayara. It is also at a slightly higher elevation. Which means that the mountains you see from Dayara – Bandarpoonch, Gangotri I & III, Draupadi Ka Danda, Jaonli, Srikanth – look much closer and much grander from here. It is especially fascinating to see these mountain faces from a slightly different perspective.

Gidara Bugyal is an ancient, pristine meadow that is known in the trekking circles. It is one of the largest high altitude meadows you will set foot on. It is larger than its twin Dayara Bugyal. Possibly larger than the twin meadows of Ali and Bedni Bugyal as well. It takes at least two days to traverse.

Even though it is known in the trekking circles, Gidara is extremely secluded. There are very few people that actually trek in these meadows. The only signs of civilisation you are likely to spot are the shepherds and their settlements around your first campsite, Rikoda. You may see a mountain dog or two. But you are likely to be the only group trekking and camping in these meadows!

The Gidara Bugyal trek gives you a rare experience of seclusion, unlike other meadow treks in India.

Garson Bugyal

Gurson Bugyal (Gorso Bugyal) is located at an altitude of 3056 mts, just 3 kms trek from Auli. It is a large land of green pastures surrounded by coniferous forest and oak trees.

You can also trek towards Chattarkund, which is just 1 km away from Gurso Bugyal.  Chattarkund is famous for its sweet water and is located in the centre of a dense forest. Do take help from local people or guide to reach Chattarkund.

A short distance from Auli is the verdant meadow of Gorson, which is locally called Gorson Bugyal, ‘Bugyal’ being the Garhwali term for meadows. The extensive and lush meadow is an ideal winter trekking destination in Garhwal that enjoys visit of adventurists from around the world. About 3kms from Auli, the Bugyal is situated at an altitude of 3056m above sea level and is surrounded by the oak forests and the hulking high mountain peaks, which further add to the beauty of this small yet a must-visit in Uttarakhand.

Gorson Bugyal makes for a perfect short trek in Uttarakhand. Although preferred to be trekked in the winter season, this meadow is quite the place to make it in the warmer months of the year as well. The surrounding landscape is just so scenic that no one can avoid the place when asked to be witnessed. The best way to trek here is through Auli, it is a one-day trek and is ideal to head out for right in the morning. During the winter season, the snow-laden paths may make a trek up to here a bit challenging but it is totally worth the risk and hardship taken.

Bagji Bugyal

Bagji Bugyal  is a beautiful Meadow, situated at an elevation of 3,250 metres in the  Chamoli District of Uttrakhand.The local villagers talk about a time, 60-70 years ago, when tigers (Bagh in the local language) used to freely roam along the meadows.

Tribal herdsmen used to avoid the bugyal lest their flock, or even worse, the herdsmen themselves fall pray to these cats. Just to mark these particular set of bugyal , they gave it name – Bagji Bugyal. The literal translation being tiger meadows. Unfortunately, the tigers disappeared.

This stipulated meadow of Bagji Bugyal brings the most fascinating trekking opportunities for the visitors to find the scenic mountains, deep valleys and lofty mountains along the most memorable sunsets and sunrises and the most enormous western flanks of Trishul and the Nanda Ghunti bringing heaven on earth.

The Bagji Bugyal Trek confines one’s heart with the sprawling colours of nature bedded over the lush green meadows. The entire stretch  displays a vast natural gallery of wild flowers and varied species of Himalayan trees.

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